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Future of Electric Sports Car

Ronin Racing was a team of students from the National Institute of Technology, Warangal, India that competed in the 2019 FSEV Design Competition in Bangalore. Their team had a drive to learn from their mistakes, improve their team unity, and progress to achieve the impossible. Through their experience at the 2019 FSEV Competition, they built a multitude of connections related to various aspects of the competition, developed a vast platform for communication and team branding, and understood the actions necessary to succeed at the world finals. Ronin Racing: one team, one goal, one passion.

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Ravikant Tiwari


Ravikant acquires and keeps track of the resources necessary for the success of the team. This is critical in ensuring that we do not fall behind schedule and that work can be completed productively. In addition, Ravikant sets up outreach event, so that we are able to raise awareness for both our team as well as in the college.


EED & Organizing Head

Ayushi is in charge of keeping the team organized, efficient, and productive to ensure success. This includes the introduction of time and project management tools to convey the schedule and roles that must be followed. She is also tasked with raising funds and building connections to attain the team’s financial goals.

Swapnil Soni

Design Head

Swapnil is responsible for designing a car that can achieve flawless motion. He works within the heart of the competition and does so effectively using Solidworks, mentorship from outside sources, and knowledge gained from previous cars and physics classes. From all this, Swapnil has a strong grasp of the tools he must use, and the aerodynamics principles he must apply.

Pavan Koushik

Power Train Head

Pavan establishes the unique and innovative branding of our team by leading all design needs. He possesses a wide range of abilities as evident by his ability to design and test simulations of the car.


  • 20,000 Students
  • 40 Teams
  • 1 Experience

FSEV is a worldwide competition consisting of several teams made up of college students. In this vastly competitive league, teams of 3-6 develop cars utilizing CAD and other related tools. However, the complexity of what we do reaches beyond mere engineering and into fields of business/marketing, graphic design, and possibly most importantly if considering real-world application, team management and cooperation. Then, each of these skill sets developed throughout the team process is put to the test at regional, national, and world level competitions. As a result, FSEV has created a system which effectively develops and enhances students’ learning experience through their interests as well as by teaching necessary real-world situations/applications.


At the 2019 FSEV Design Competition, Ronin Racing had an amazing experience. Over the course of 3 days, they had the opportunity to meet with other bright students from around the India and explore Bangalore. In the end, they had the efficient car, and placed 3rd in the Competition.

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One of the aspects that drives our capabilities is the generosity of companies in funding us. These funds go directly to designing and developing car designs, creating a spectacular pit display, and other minor funds associated with branding. Therefore, we greatly thank all our sponsors as without the kind assistance they agree to provide, Ronin would not have any chances at success.

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